Friday, December 18, 2009

Blizzard Fever

This has nothing to do with old family photos, it's just a few thoughts.
Since early this morning (5am) the radio and TV have been in panic mode here in the Lehigh Valley. Snow Advisories, Possible state of emergency pending in all counties south of the Raritan River in NJ, Philadelphia to be covered by several feet of snow.
Come on people... it's a snow storm. It's not the first we've ever had and it won't be the last. When I was a kid I remember walking to school a few days after a blizzard and split rail fences were still completely hidden by snow... but the roads and the sidewalks were clear. Life went on.
The weather people seem to love causing panic.
The snow will be pretty though. It's just too bad it couldn't happen on Christmas eve. Oh well.
It occurs to me that most of you have no idea where I live. Too bad you couldn't have seen it when I wanted to live here... before the million dollar homes were built in the fields and woods that used to stretch for a mile, or more. I can't wait to get out of here now. The homes were all bought by people from New Jersey who treat me like I'm Mr. Ziffle (from Green Acres). They pass my house every day and manage to mumble a 'hello' only if I greet them first. I don't blame them for wanting to escape from NJ... I did too, 22 years ago but people like this are one of the top 5 reasons I left the state.
There are, however, moments, that I can look outside and remember what it used to be like here.

Ginny wanted a picture of our pond for her blog. I went out in the yard and set up just the right angle so none of the neighbors houses were shown.
The next morning we woke up to a winter wonderland so I went out and took the same shot. This looks like the place I moved to 22 years ago.
By the way, if you want to check out Ginny's blog you can find it at
So maybe if it does snow deep enough to completely hide a split rail fence, and our power (from Part-Time Power & Light) stays on, I'll have a chance to scan a bunch more photos to post.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Strange photo

I'm not entirely sure who the child is
but I find the photograph a bit strange.

To me this child appears somewhat transparent in comparison to the wooden fence.
Could be a double exposure I suppose.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Updates & Corrections 12/7/09

The Lost Hardware Store.

I have a little more information about the hardware store in Brooklyn.
A few weeks ago, Aunt Eleanor emailed this:
"the only hardware store I remember for my grandfather Wilmott was in Elizabeth, went there many times. He lived with us and the house on Reid st had a sign out front for sharpening saws etc. I know they were in Brooklyn before I was born but know little of it."
In addition she recalls, "My uncle Perc took over his store in Eliz. when grandpa retired".
More recently Aunt El wrote, "Talked with my cousin George , he lives in Linden NJ. He remembers being to the store on myrtle street", so there we go. The Myrtle (street - avenue - whatever) address in Brooklyn is correct and I would presume this is indeed a picture of that store.
- - -
Who's The Girl?

Once again, Aunt El to the rescue.
I thought this might have been Aunt Hazel. I should have thought about it a bit longer... Hazel would have been quite a bit older than this. Now I did think this looked a bit like Edith but, I thought, my father and Edie were much closer in age. Then again with kids around this age, 2 years can make a big difference so, I'm inclined to agree with Aunt El.
I believe the young girl is Edith (Aunt Flossie's daughter and MUCH later married Jack Staeger).

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Faded & Battered

Believe it or not, I have a few photos that are in worse condition.

I'm quite sure the young boy on the left is my father (L. W. Beyer).
I think the gentleman on the right is my Great Grandfather Willmot,
or Wilmott, depending on who writes it.
The young girl standing behind my father... I'm not so sure.
Could this be Lilly's sister Hazel?
I have loads of pictures left here but there aren't too many more 'mysteries'.
I know who most of the people are or,
the photos are so faded you can't tell who they are.
I don't know if everyone wants to see 40-50 more pictures of
"Bill" & "Babe"
but I've sure got them here if you do. Let me know, okay?
Also, if you want to be removed from this mailing list please,
let me know that too.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A popular spot

Yes, it's Angus Sr. and Angus Jr. back on this porch again in Cranford, NJ.
A few months back I posted a similar picture but with Eleanor and Claire sitting in the middle. At first I thought this was probably the same day until I saw the size of the plant, shrub, bush on the left. That wasn't there in the other photos.
It's hard to tell whether this was taken long before or long after the other pictures. Angus Sr. does look a bit older but, that could be due to the hat.
Well, no matter really, I just thought it was a nice picture of father & son.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Myrtle Ave.

I spent some time today on Google maps looking for Myrtle Ave. or Street in Brooklyn, NY. I didn't find Myrtle Street but there IS a Myrtle Ave. It runs East-West from Flatbush Ave. to the Van Wyck Expressway.
The mention of Routes 1 & 9 in my previous post was no help. I can't find Route 1 OR 9 anywhere near Myrtle Ave. so, either that information is wrong, they moved the roads, or renamed them. A rename is likely since there is a few Interstate type numbered roads in the area.
Without further clues I used the Google "fly by" feature which is the next best thing to driving down the street in a car. There are lots and lots and lots of old store fronts along the avenue but there's nothing that looks exactly like our photograph. No, I didn't really expect to find the place in a state of preservation but, I did hope to find a possibility or two. Nothing.
Unless one of us wants to go to Brooklyn and walk up & down Myrtle Street, talking to 100 year old, life long residents, that is the end of the road for the Hardware Store story.

By the way, I also did a Google "fly by" of Sayre Street in Elizabeth... 'our' house is still there and looks about the same. It's strange that I can remember all the houses where other kids lived and I remember most of their names. How odd that we humans carry around that kind of useless information around for, I guess, all our lives.