Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A popular spot

Yes, it's Angus Sr. and Angus Jr. back on this porch again in Cranford, NJ.
A few months back I posted a similar picture but with Eleanor and Claire sitting in the middle. At first I thought this was probably the same day until I saw the size of the plant, shrub, bush on the left. That wasn't there in the other photos.
It's hard to tell whether this was taken long before or long after the other pictures. Angus Sr. does look a bit older but, that could be due to the hat.
Well, no matter really, I just thought it was a nice picture of father & son.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Myrtle Ave.

I spent some time today on Google maps looking for Myrtle Ave. or Street in Brooklyn, NY. I didn't find Myrtle Street but there IS a Myrtle Ave. It runs East-West from Flatbush Ave. to the Van Wyck Expressway.
The mention of Routes 1 & 9 in my previous post was no help. I can't find Route 1 OR 9 anywhere near Myrtle Ave. so, either that information is wrong, they moved the roads, or renamed them. A rename is likely since there is a few Interstate type numbered roads in the area.
Without further clues I used the Google "fly by" feature which is the next best thing to driving down the street in a car. There are lots and lots and lots of old store fronts along the avenue but there's nothing that looks exactly like our photograph. No, I didn't really expect to find the place in a state of preservation but, I did hope to find a possibility or two. Nothing.
Unless one of us wants to go to Brooklyn and walk up & down Myrtle Street, talking to 100 year old, life long residents, that is the end of the road for the Hardware Store story.

By the way, I also did a Google "fly by" of Sayre Street in Elizabeth... 'our' house is still there and looks about the same. It's strange that I can remember all the houses where other kids lived and I remember most of their names. How odd that we humans carry around that kind of useless information around for, I guess, all our lives.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Brooklyn NY

What is the Beyer connection to Brooklyn NY?
Is it that the Willmot family was from Brooklyn?
As a kid, I can recall Brooklyn being mentioned from time to time but, as a kid, I didn't pay much attention to conversations about places that meant nothing to me.
Unreliable as memories can be, it seems most of those discussion took place when Aunt Floss was around.
In addition, my Father told some stories about things he remembered seeing in Brooklyn but I don't ever recall him saying that he lived there so, I would guess, he was relating things he saw while visiting his (Willmot) Grandparents.
Below is a picture of my father on Myrtle Ave in Brooklyn NY.
This picture is a reprint but I have seen the original (but don't know where) which said "Routes 1 & 9 run through here now".

Below is Willmot's Hardware Store on Myrtle Street in Brooklyn, NY.
Yes, I know... the picture above says "Myrtle Ave" so, it would seem, whoever wrote the caption on the back of one of these photos was mistaken.
Next chance I get I will spend some time on Google Earth and see if I can find out which is right.
The caption on this photo gives me a headache... talk about confusing!
"Grandpa Willmot's Hardware Store on Myrtle St. in Brooklyn NY"
Okay, that part is fine. Then it says,
"Grandpa, Grandma, Edith, Edith Stager, the store was much wider"
Well, "the store was much wider"... I get that part. The photo is just not showing the entire width of the store. No problem.
But, how many people do you see in the photo?
I'm counting 5. Somebody is unaccounted for and I don't think there are two Edith's. I only know of one Edith... Aunt Floss' daughter and Lillian's neice... who MUCH later married Jack Stager.
It doesn't look like anyone in this picture, aside from the obvious, are anywhere old enough to be married or have children.
Oops, have I stumbled upon some kind of dark family secret?