Monday, December 7, 2009

Updates & Corrections 12/7/09

The Lost Hardware Store.

I have a little more information about the hardware store in Brooklyn.
A few weeks ago, Aunt Eleanor emailed this:
"the only hardware store I remember for my grandfather Wilmott was in Elizabeth, went there many times. He lived with us and the house on Reid st had a sign out front for sharpening saws etc. I know they were in Brooklyn before I was born but know little of it."
In addition she recalls, "My uncle Perc took over his store in Eliz. when grandpa retired".
More recently Aunt El wrote, "Talked with my cousin George , he lives in Linden NJ. He remembers being to the store on myrtle street", so there we go. The Myrtle (street - avenue - whatever) address in Brooklyn is correct and I would presume this is indeed a picture of that store.
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Who's The Girl?

Once again, Aunt El to the rescue.
I thought this might have been Aunt Hazel. I should have thought about it a bit longer... Hazel would have been quite a bit older than this. Now I did think this looked a bit like Edith but, I thought, my father and Edie were much closer in age. Then again with kids around this age, 2 years can make a big difference so, I'm inclined to agree with Aunt El.
I believe the young girl is Edith (Aunt Flossie's daughter and MUCH later married Jack Staeger).

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