Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coney Island Express

Initially I thought this photo might relate to the "balloon" picture I previously posted, since it was obviously taken at an amusement park.
The "balloon" picture was taken at Bayonne, NJ according to the caption on the back. Was this taken at the same place or is this from Coney Island as the sign would indicate?
Of course that's A. A. Beyer Jr. on the right but who is on the left? An Uncle? Cousin? There is nothing on the back of this photo which, no doubt, is a re-print.
Does anyone have the original of this photo and, more importantly, is there any caption on the back?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back to normal.

The "worst" of the show season is over. We have a few more shows this year but they are weeks apart. Now I've got time for my various online endeavors, not only this blog but my online store which takes a great deal of time.

So, here we have the Beyer ladies... well, three of them anyway. Not sure who the tall one in the back is.
Not sure what house this is either. I know it's not Sayre Street but that's all I'm sure of.

The picture below was taken in the backyard of Sayre Street. I'd bet $2 on it because I can still remember that 'industrial' sized garage the neighbors had to park their oil trucks.
When the last link of Interstate-78 opened between Phillipsburg, NJ and Allentown, PA. (around 1991) there was a parade of antique vehicles over the Delaware River bridge. Most of the vehicles came as far as the Bethlehem-Hellertown exit to turn around and Ginny & I got to see them. To my surprise, there was the big "GOLD" oil truck! I know Gold had a few small trucks but only one big one like that. It was exactly as I remembered it.
Anyway, here is Claire in OUR yard with Bandit. I remember so well how "Bandi" would ride in the basket of Claire's bike and... too many funny little incidents to include here.

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's almost over.

We have one more antiques show this weekend (10/9-10-11/09) and our crazy schedule is over. We have a few more shows to do before 2010 but they're not so close together.
I'm looking forward to getting this blog back on track. I've still got a BIG envelope full of pictures that need to be scanned & posted so we should click right along until the antique show season starts up again next April.
By the way... we do 2 shows a year in Flemington, NJ. It's not as far from Ocean County NJ as, say... Bagdad. Think about it.

So, you may remember this little girl from the "Sittin' on the Beach" post a few months back. Her name is Vivian (see bottom photo) I think that might be Babe holding her and, evidently, that's Robert (also see bottom photo) on the right.
[The bottom photo is the back of this picture which has been cut. Somebody in our family was kinda 'sissor happy'. I'd love to know what else what written on there.]
We didn't have much luck figuring out who she is last time but, I'm thinking, maybe the association with Babe might help jar a memory.
I vaguely recall my father talking about a "Cousin Vivian" and I think she lived in New England in the 1970's.
Is Robert her brother... or another cousin? I've got 3 or 4 pictures of her. She can't be just a homeless waif.